What is Concentration of mind

During my student life I was always haunted by the one statement, which was “learn to concentrate”. Time and again my parents and my teachers kept reminding me to concentrate on my studies. Concentrating on studies was difficult, at times it was impossible and there were times when I could not complete my assignments on […]

What is Experience ?

“Experience” – my first memorable encounter with this word was when i landed in my first job as an engineer.It is still fresh after so many years and i am constantly reminded about this encounter, as i meet “fresh” joiners in my team every year. As a student I always believed that i knew and […]

Tomorrow may be too late

What are the most important things in your life? Is it Family? Friends? Travel? Career? Sense of Purpose? Money? Security? When was the last time that you had to make a choice between these things? Why did you choose one thing over the other? Do you always tend to give preference to “an important thing” […]

Living in a Virtual World

In this fast paced world everyone is connected to the virtual world in one way or another. The explosion of mobile internet, smart phones and other gadgets has enabled us to stay connected with the ones we know and also with the ones we don’t. I am Virtual world enthusiast, as it has helped me […]

Time to press Pause and Play..

Life has become so complicated or should we say that we have made it complicated. Either ways, we constantly work our busy work schedules, lead hectic family lives and are always on the go. We even teach and push our kids follow this, as we are afraid that they may lose out in competition if […]