Living in a Virtual World


In this fast paced world everyone is connected to the virtual world in one way or another. The explosion of mobile internet, smart phones and other gadgets has enabled us to stay connected with the ones we know and also with the ones we don’t. I am Virtual world enthusiast, as it has helped me to reconnect with my long lost friends and it also has provided a platform to share my views and ideas. Technology has provided us the convenience to stay connected “Virtually” however, some find it very convenient to remain in the virtual world and refrain to establish any form of personal contact. Yesterday, I saw a family in a restaurant, waiting for the dinner that they had ordered. Everyone engrossed in their smart phones, smiling and the phone screen, texting and laughing to themselves, totally engrossed in the Virtual world. Most of you might agree that this is not an uncommon sight now-a-days and some of you might even feel it disturbing, like me. I strongly feel that one needs to draw a line between doing and over doing. I am unable to comprehend why the society in general getting addicted to the virtual world? Is this because the Virtual world is more interesting than the real world?  Can we not make the real world as good as or even better than the Virtual world? If we can “Like” the photos posted by our virtual friends, why can’t we compliment them when we see them in person. If we can “Comment” on their status updates, why can we not speak even a single word when they sit next to us?  If we can “Chat” with our virtual buddies and text them hearts and smiley faces, why don’t we care to even smile to the friend sitting next to us. Is our social etiquette changing? It is a paradox that the internet age is connecting us to the virtual world and disconnecting us from the real world. It’s high time that we take control of the Reality and not let the Virtuality control us.


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