Time to press Pause and Play..

Life has become so complicated or should we say that we have made it complicated. Either ways, we constantly work our busy work schedules, lead hectic family lives and are always on the go. We even teach and push our kids follow this, as we are afraid that they may lose out in competition if they don’t follow the grind. In doing so we find that we are always short of time. We do not have time for that important task at work, we do not have time to have the quite moment with your loved ones and we even do not have time for ourselves. We all want to break free from this hectic schedule deep down in our hearts and minds, as working in this fashion is not in sync with our psyche. It’s therefore time to press “Pause” and reflect on what is important and to get the priorities right. Things that will make us happy and trigger emotional and mental well-being – which in turn will help us reduce stress, anxiety,  get rid of the negative energy and  lead a healthy and contended life.

There are many ways in which we can find inner peace. Meditation, prayer, spending time with nature could be some of the options, but the common factor in all the different option is to spend time with yourself….so take the time to go over and reflect on your day, every day. Think about the moment where you could not forgive someone and could not let it go. Think about the moment that you did not reciprocate to someone’s loving and caring gesture, as you were busy playing with your phone. Think about the moment where you felt hopeless but deep within your heart you knew that everything will be ok. Press “Pause”,think on how you could have reacted in those situations – which was in sync with your psyche, internalize it and then press “Play”……


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